The Fontainebleau Schools centennial symposium & Cine-Concert

The Fontainebleau Schools are an eminently original institution in the landscape of artistic education in France. The celebration of their centennial offers the opportunity for a symposium devoted more specifically to the musical component embodied by the American Conservatory, bringing together not only researchers, but also professionals and students concerned with questions of pedagogy.

The first day, which will take place in the Auditorium de la BnF, aims to place the Schools in a historical context, that of their foundation in the aftermath of the First World War. It allows us to evaluate how the spirit of openness to internationalism and modernity, founding values of the Schools, has been effectively concretized in the life of the American Conservatory. The second part of the day is resolutely forward-looking, and not only highlights the main characteristics of the pedagogy implemented, particularly in relation to that of the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique et de Danse de Paris, but also presents the Conservatoire’s archives in Fontainebleau and in the Music Department of the BnF in a structured and dynamic manner. These collections, widely accessible to the scientific community, offer considerable research potential for researchers and students. The musical moment closing this day was also conceived in connection with the exhibition “Baudelaire, la modernité mélancolique” at the BnF. Professors, students and two guest artists (including Laurent Rey of the Comédie française) will perform André Caplet’s rare “Conte fantastique”, based on a text by Edgar Allan Poe translated by Baudelaire.

The second day of the conference will take place at the Fondation des États Unis, and will be devoted to the close links between the disciplines taught at the EAAF: links between music and architecture, links between the teaching of composition or writing and the artistic tradition in its entirety. The residents of the FEU will participate with live painting and will talk about their cross-over experiences between visual arts and music in Fontainebleau. A cine-concert dedicated to EAAF alumnus Philip Glass will close the symposium. Pianist Jay Gottlieb, an EAAF alumnus and former resident at the FEU, will give Philip Glass a voice through the eyes of filmmaker Eric Darmont.



Date : November 24 | Time : 9:30am-5:30pm | Facebook Event

Free Reservation 


Date : November 24 | Time : 7pm | Facebook Event

Free Reservation

Covid : In accordance with government regulations, you will be asked to show your vaccination passport or a negative Covid test taken within the last 48h.
Please respect the general physical distancing guidelines. Hand sanitizer will be available at the entrance.


9h30-10h Accueil par Diana Ligeti (Directrice artistique des EAAF) et Noemi Haire-Sievers (Responsable de la programmation culturelle à la Fondation des Etats Unis).

10h-12h Convergence des arts, musique et architecture à Fontainebleau, acoustique et installations Sébastien Jouan

12h Contributions des artistes résidents de la FEU

13h-14h Pause déjeuner

14h Le bureau du compositeur du XXIème siècle, l’enseignement de la composition aux EAAF, François Paris avec Corey Worley et John Stulz (de l’Ensemble Intercontemporain) alto, pour interpréter Frêle manche d’os pour 2 altos, commande du centenaire des EAAF à Alexandre Jamar

15h30 Pause café

16h Les enjeux du cours d’écriture et harmonisation au clavier dans le cadre des EAAF, Isabelle Duha Avec Coline Infante, soprano, Alexandre Jamar, ténor et composition, et le quatuor formé par Ayin Son, Juyeon Park, violons, Corey Worley alto, Diana Ligeti violoncelle

17h30 Discussion et vente de livres

19h Ciné-concert Philip Glass avec Jay Gottlieb et Eric Darmon

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