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FUSA – Dance Festival France-USA

FUSA - Festival de Danse France-USA

by Althea Dance Company & Fondation des États-Unis

FUSA is the result of the encounter between Althea Dance Company and the Fondation des États-Unis (FEU). Together, they are creating a socially engaged Franco-American contemporary dance festival. The festival presents a choreographic vocabulary inspired by the crossing of two cultures who meet, nourish each other, and explore together. FUSA, by fostering creativity, promotes and reinforces the friendship between France and the US through movement. The festival offers the selected artists a performance opportunity to freely embody their creative expression.

FUSA 2024 in New York

The first edition took place at the FEU in July 2023. In 2024, it will take place in New York before returning to Paris in 2025.

The performance featuring 5 selected companies – including Althea Dance Company – will take place on August 3rd at La MaMa Theater.

In the run-up to the festival, Althea Dance Company will hold its annual contemporary dance workshop – In Motion – created for semi-professional and professional dancers who wish to develop their technique and creativity. See here for the workshop in Paris and here for the New York edition.

Call for Projects

FUSA is open to professional Franco-American dance companies and/or companies with a strong connection between the two countries. The festival offers a modest financial contribution of 150 dollars per company.


All choreographic forms are accepted (solo, duo, trio, etc.)

Length: 8-20 minutes
Deadline: May 30, 2024 at 11pm


Please submit your project proposal to application.fusa@gmail.com including the following:

  • Your CV
  • Your proposal in PDF format (project, company, artists bios, the France-USA connection)
  • Links to YouTube or Vimeo videos
  • An extract of the piece if it is a work-in-progress or the full-length video

Further Information

Email the founders of the festival

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