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The FEU thanks its contributors

The Embassy of the United States of America in France.

The Embassy of the United States of America in France has generously supported the FEU’s cultural program for the 2014-2015, 2018-2019 and 2020-2021 seasons.

A crowdfunding project helped fund the renovation of the windows and the heating system of the Grand Salon in 2017.

  • Genevieve Acker
  • Anaïs Bertrand
  • Nathanaël Bez
  • Alexandra Bonanni
  • Renaud Boutin
  • Nathalie Broizat
  • Olivier Brossard
  • Joanne Burke
  • Sabrina Camus
  • Antoine Cazé
  • Christophe & Géraldine Chouard
  • Samuel Cohen Solal
  • Sébastien Dagoneau
  • Bertille de Baudinière
  • Charles-Edouard de Broin
  • Akselrud Elina
  • Ariane Fennetaux
  • Lionel Foa
  • Valère Foy
  • E Bradford Gellert
  • Ariane Hudelet
  • Lee Samuelson
  • Frédéric Long
  • Catherine et Richard Marillier
  • Léo Marillier
  • Margaret Parkinson
  • David Pasqualini
  • Austin Reid
  • Marguerite Sahut D’Izarn
  • Stephen Pierce
  • Laurette Tuckerman
  • Charles-Louis Vier
  • James Kiernan


Alumni regularly make small or large donations to FEU, ranging from purchasing equipment for residents to setting up a savings account.

Thanks to generous support from public and private donors, the FEU was able to restore is Art-Déco frescoes in 2011.

  • Le Florence Gould Foundation
  • Le Conseil Supérieur du Mécénat Culturel
  • David Rockefeller, Sr.
  • P Morgan
  • Noel & Michele Moore
  • Felix & Heather Baker
  • James & Andrea Kiernan
  • Ambassade des États-Unis d’Amérique
Restoration of the frescoes

In 2007, 40 classic rooms were renovated thanks to a financial partnership between the University of Chicago in Paris and the Cité international universitaire de Paris.

© Hermann Wendler
© Hermann Wendler

Harriet Hale Woolley.

Harriet Hale Woolley, one of the major donors to the construction of the FEU, shared with the Gages the belief in “international rapprochement” (The New York Times, 1931). In her will, she left 500,000 dollars (the equivalent of 6 million euros today) to the FEU in order to create a scholarship for young americans. Harriet Hale Woolley was herself an amateur musician. She intended for the scholarships to be awarded to students in the arts and music, but also in psychiatry. Indeed, she considered that this discipline, still new at the time and pioneered in France, had saved her life.

The Gage Family.

Mabel and Homer Gage were enlightened patrons of the arts who lead numerous philanthropic actions in France. To finance the construction of the Fondation des États-Unis, the couple organized a fundraiser that mobilized generous donors united by the same desire to promote dialogue between the two cultures. From the outset, the Gages encouraged the practice of the arts in the within the FEU. It became a place of artistic emulation in the south of Paris, in the heart of the Montsouris neighborhood.

Donors of Rooms.

The cost of one room was 2500 dollars, to be named by the donor.

  • Associates of Homer Gage, Jr., at the Crompton and Knowles Works, Worcester, Mass., in his memory
  • Edward Tuck, Dartmouth College Room
  • American Society of the Legion of Honor
  • Dr. Homer Gage, Harvard University Room
  • Charles L. Allen
  • Lawrence Lowell, President, Harvard University
  • Rice Institute
  • Western Reserve University
  • Murry Guggenheim
  • Benjamin S. Paskus
  • Mr. and Mrs. George C. Lee
  • Mrs. Ethel W. Crocker
  • Citizens of Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • Mrs. George E. Warren
  • Miss Belle Skinner
  • Albert Blum
  • George E. Warren, Brown University Room
  • Dr. Eugene Coleman Savidge
  • Princeton Club of New York, Princeton University Room
  • Dr. and Mrs. Homer Gage, Worcester Polytechnic Institute Room
  • France-Amérique Society
  • Bernard M. Baruch, College of the City of New York Room
  • Pierre C. Cartier
  • Rutgers University Room
  • Benjamin Stern
  • Charles L. Auger
  • Mr. Theodore T. Ellis
  • Henry L. Blum
  • Mr. Harry G. Stoddard
  • Citizens of Evanston, Illinois
  • Dr. William S. Thayer
  • Miss Mathilda Lambour, Cincinnati Room
  • F.R. Bigelow
  • Women of Cincinnati, Ohio
  • The children of James Green
  • Josiah Manning Lasell, Williams College Room
  • Mr. and Mrs. Henry B. Joy
  • Amherst College Room
  • George Blumenthal Room
  • Mrs. Homer Gage, Rollins College Room
  • University of California Room
  • University of Wisconsin Room
  • Delta Delta Delta Sorority Room
  • Yale University Room
  • French Institute in the United States
  • Francis Mankin Jencks
  • Group of alumni of Columbia University
  • Mary Clark de Brabant, Columbia University Room
  • Joseph A. Blum
  • Mr. and Mrs. Walter S. Mitchell, the Anne C. Mitchell Room
  • Florence Blumenthal Room
  • Mary A. Dohn
  • Miss August N. Dreer
  • Mrs. Frederick W. Hinkle
  • Mrs. Chester Bolton
  • Augustus Clifford Tower, Harvard Room
  • Robert Theodore and Henry W. Boettger
  • Morgan and Company
  • Aurthur Sachs, A.B., Harvard Room
  • Mrs. Homer Gage, Clark University Room
  • Mr. Henry L. Blum
  • Mr. and Mme Edmond Gillet
  • Mrs. Larz Anderson
  • Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Webster
  • Mrs. Charles P. Taft
  • Mrs. Helena G. Titus
  • Roy V. Titus and Horace G. Titus
  • Mount Holyoke College Room
  • Smith College Room
  • Mrs. Harriet E. Thwaits
  • Group of citizens of San Francisco, San Francisco Room
  • Mr. and Mrs. Walter Brewster, Chicago Room
  • Mr. and Mrs. Edsel Ford
  • The McCormick Family
  • College of the Assumtion
  • Mr. Theodore T. Ellis
  • Albert Blum
  • Stehli Silk Company

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