Grounded in Patronage

Philanthropy and Francophilia:
Patronage at the Fondation des États-Unis

In 1930, American philanthropists and Francophiles Homer & Mabel Gage launched an extraordinary fundraising campaign which made possible the construction of an American residence at the Cité international universitaire de Paris. They shared the ideals of the founders of the CiuP: living together and sharing the best years of the lives, students from all over the world would help build a peaceful future.

Homer & Mabel Gage at the inauguration of the FEU.

The FEU shares the CiuP’s values of coexisting and living together. The intermingling of cultures, academic and artistic disciplines is the essence of its mission. Since its construction, donors have played a fundamental role in supporting the residents. As an independent non-governmental organization, the FEU depends on the generosity of its donors to maintain its magnificent Art Deco building, to continue to renovate its spacious rooms and artists’ studios on the 5th floor and to offer affordable housing to international students from all backgrounds.

By supporting the FEU’s initiatives, patrons pledge:

  • to promote Franco-American friendship
  • to encourage intercultural exchanges
  • to support a unique place of culture and creation
  • to transform the lives of young students and artists
  • to preserve an artistic gem

As part of a Franco-American network, our patrons share their experiences and vision of the future of relations between the United States and France with the Franco-American youth.

New Projects to Continue the Story:
Supporting Artists at the Cité internationale

On the 5th floor of the FEU, the young artists are freed from the constraints that often weigh on their careers. They evolve in a unique space where a spirit of avant-garde and creative freedom reigns. The FEU promotes a challenging, experimental and international artistic life. The 5th floor is a unique place where an exceptional creative audacity bubbles, and where the values of friendship and sharing are essential.

Several times per year, the studios are opened for the general public. Welcomed by the young artists, this is a wonderful opportunity to find out about their respective paths and creative processes. Every other week, the musicians perform in the Grand Salon and take pleasure in exchanging with a loyal and enthusiastic audience.

Today, in order to significantly improve the conditions for receiving young American talent in Paris, the FEU is launching a vast development program consisting of two parts:

  • The rehabilitation of the artists’ studios, which are in a concerning state of disrepair;
  • The creation of new scholarships for resident artists, in order to encourage social diversity and the emergence of new artistic practices.

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