Scoring the Circle: FEU Musicians Past & Present

The Fondation des États-Unis is proud to present its first concert of FEU musicians, past and present, originally organized in honor of its 90th anniversary in 2020. This concert features a vast range of compositions of alumni and current composers in residence ranging from 1963 to present day, culminating in three new works written especially for the occasion. This is the first concert that will showcase the rich musical history of the FEU, while bringing together several generations of musicians from all over the globe.

Alumni Musicians: Andrew Briggs, Sarah Ghandour, Jay Gottlieb, John Kamfonas, Lauren Libaw, Jenny Maclay, Hilary Metzger, Leslie Richmond, Nicky Purser, Deanna Petre, Jennifer Schiller and David Simpson.

Resident Musicians: Solange Adamson, Sarah Grace Graves, Dhyani Heath, Sergio Herrera, Edgar Jaber, Olivia Kim and Rieko Tsuchida (member of ensemble IMAGO).

Originator of the Project: Sarah Ghandour
Project Manager: Noëmi Haire-Sievers

Download the digital version of the catalogue here. Scroll down for the video.


William Bolcom
Selections from Cabaret Songs
The Actor
Can’t Sleep

Carol Robinson
No One for soprano, clarinet, guitar, cello, piano

Richard Felciano
Five Small Pieces for piano

William Bolcom
Étude No. 12, Hymne a L’Amour from Twelve New Études

James Yannatos
8 Haiku for Solo Flute

Edo Frenkel
String Trio for violin, viola and cello

Denis Ramos
Drebkis for clarinet, viola, piano, and harp (2014)

William Bolcom
Spring Trio for violin, cello and piano

Barney Johnson
Le Serpent qui Danse for soprano, piano, cello

Sergio Herrera
Le Cinquième for piano and violin

Jon Magnussen
10 Rooms for Four Celli

Practical Information

Date: November 16 | Time: 7:30pm | Facebook Event

Free Reservation

Covid: In accordance with government regulations, you will be asked to show your vaccination passport or a negative Covid test taken within the last 48h.
Please respect the general physical distancing guidelines. Hand sanitizer will be available at the entrance.


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