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The FEU’s Medical Cultures program invites the audience to reflect about the body and mind in a creative and interdisciplinary way. With speakers from various fields, previous conferences have combined the arts and psychiatry. Most recently, a videoconference about Perinatal Care in Prison was published on our YouTube channel.

This year, Quentin Gallet, psychiatry resident and Harriet Hale Woolley scholar 2020-21, created a short video series about mental suffering for FEU residents, but also the wider public.

We asked the FEU residents to anonymously submit their questions about suicide and addiction and they came flooding in. A sure sign that we are all at times concerned and sometimes distraught by the psychological suffering we encounter around us.

Suicide & Preconceived Ideas

In France, suicide is the second biggest cause of death among 15-24 year olds and the first among 24-35 year olds. In this video, Quentin Gallet unpacks six preconceived ideas about suicide.

Hotline Numbers 📞

◾️ Le fil santé jeunes : 0 800 235 236 (every day from 9am-11pm) and in certain cities (Lille, Lyon, Paris) | Instagram | Website

◾️ Nightline : 01 88 32 12 32 (Paris) | Instagram | Website

◾️ The CPOA (Psychiatric Orientation and Reception Center): 01 45 65 81 09 or 01 45 65 81 10, 24/7, without an appointment, free of charge and in many languages.
The premises are located within the Sainte-Anne hospital: 1, rue Cabanis (night access by 17 rue Broussais) 75014 Paris Metro glacière (line 6) or bus 62-21

◾️ Psy Ile de France : 01 48 00 48 00 | Website

◾️ Suicide Écoute : 01 45 39 40 00 – 7j/7 24h/24 | Website

◾️ In case of emergency, call 15.

About Quentin Gallet

Quentin has been sensitive to psychological suffering since the beginning of his studies, and he decided to pursue his residency in the field of psychiatry. He is passionate about neuroscience and he seeks to understand the complex mechanisms of psychological problems through new scientific approaches. He holds a special interest in clinical research about the elderly, who have specific neurological patterns he decided to investigate. In 2020 he participated in the creation of the Association Nationale des Internes de Psychiatrie de la Personne Âgée (non-profit for interns studying the psychiatry of the elderly) and became its president. With his team, he tries to organize training and to share modern challenges of psychiatry for the elderly. During his free time, he often goes biking on his own, which is both a path of self-discovery and satisfies his curiosity for the external world. Experiencing nature has taught him about the importance of protecting and preserving the environment. And when his neighbors allow it, he plays the trumpet, and hopes to one day be able to improvise a few notes of jazz.

During the 2020-2021 academic year, thanks to the Harriet Hale Woolley scholarship from the Fondation des États-Unis, he will study neuroscience while participating in an innovative, therapeutic research project: teaching patients to control their emotional brain activity by instantly projecting it using a fuctional MRI.



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