Joséphine Baker: un destin français | Projection

The FEU is honored to host a screening of Joséphine Baker: Un destin français, a documentary directed by Dominique Eloudy-Lenys and written by Laurent Kupferman. The screening will be followed by a Q&A with Brian Bouillon Baker, Josephine Baker’s son and author of Josephine Baker l’universel, a book published in November 2021, and Laurent Kupferman.

This film is a tribute to Joséphine Baker and to the richness, freedom and universalism she symbolized: as a versatile and committed artist, she was able to impose her ideals, embodying many challenges, and playing a fundamental role in the French resistance, the fight against racism and anti-Semitism. This film allows us to discover the backstage of Joséphine Baker’s tumultuous life, from her life in the United States, where she was born, and her personnal and artistic achievements in France, the nation she chose as home, becoming a citizen in 1937, and that honored her in November 2021, when she became the first black woman to enter the Pantheon.

This film was broadcasted for the first time on Histoire TV, on November 30, 2021, date of the Pantheonization, and will be screened at the FEU as we celebrate her life and cultural footprint, bringing together nationalities and generations. An event not to be missed!

Practical information

Date: July 12 | Time: 7pm | Facebook event

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6pm : Book signing Joséphine Baker l’universelle, with Brian Bouillon Baker.
7pm : Screening of Joséphine Baker : Un destin français (51 min.)
8pm : Q&A with Brian Bouillon Baker and Laurent Kupferman.

About the Cast and Crew

Brian Bouillon Baker was adopted children of Josephine Baker and Joe Bouillon. As an artist and a writer, he was a strong activist for his mother’s entrance in the Panthéon. He is the author of Joséphine Baker l’universelle, published under the Éditions du Rocher in November 2021.

Laurent Kupferman is an essayist. He is the son of the historian Fred Kupferrman and the author Sigrid Kupferman. As a graduate of the Université Panthéon-Assas, his career has mostly been in the field of culture. He was one of the founders of the European Symphony Orchestra in 1988. He then joined the cabinet of the Ministre de la Culture as an advisor. In 2013, he joined the UNESCO where he produced a film about the HIV crisis in Nigeria, the second most affected country in the world. Author of several essays published among others by Fayard, First, Courrier du Livre, Laurent Kupferman is regularly invited by radio, press, written and televised media. He is the instigator of the petition “Osez Joséphine”.

Dominique Eloudy-Lenys, director, started her career in Colmar (France) as the director of NRJ radio. After studying audiovisual production, she joined Michel Field’s program, Field dans ta chambre, and then worked for Ça balance à Paris. She then started producing documentaries and reports.

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