Hors-les-murs | Carte blanche au Château de Fontainebleau

The Fontainebleau Schools of Music and Fine Arts (EAAF) are hosting their annual summer festival, Musique&Architechture, which will begin on July 4. The program includes an interdisciplinary presentation of architecture and music projects, performances, masterclasses and lectures that will take place until the end of the month.

On Saturday, July 9, FEU musicians, in partnership with the musicians of the EAAF, are invited to perform a carte-blanche event honoring the artistic links of the two organizations. An exceptional day not to be misses in the English Garden of the Château de Fontainebleau.

Discover the complete program here.

Save the date: the FEU will host an EAAF concert in its Grand Salon in July 28.

About the EAAF

The Fontainebleau Schools for Music and Fine Arts (EAAF) aim to raise awareness of French culture, particularly music and architecture, among foreign students. Every summer since 1921, the Fontainebleau Schools have been based at the Château de Fontainebleau. With the latter’s initiative, they created in 2018, the festival Musique au Château, which “fully integrates the artistic programming of the Fontainebleau Schools into the life of the castle, by highlighting their original history, the relevance of their teaching, the talent of their students, while allowing the public to discover the prestigious setting of Fontainebleau”.

Practical information

Date: July 9 | Time: From 9:30am | Facebook Event


9:30am | Interdisciplinary Presentation: Architecture-Music Projects

2pm | Musical tour of the English Gardens

With Arnaud Amelot, Director of the buildings and gardens of the Fontainebleau estate and the FEU musicians

3pm | Open Air Concert with the FEU musicians on the bandstand in collaboration with some EAAF musicians

4:30pm | Conference with David Millerou, Director of the educational service of the Château de Fontainebleau

Le château de Fontainebleau, écrin pour une pédagogie innovante.
Conference followed by a signing boole

6:30pm | Opening Concert of the Festival at the Trinité: Reservation mandatory

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