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Rendez-vous Musical #71

The resident musicians and Harriet Hale Woolley scholars are looking forward to welcoming you to the Grand Salon on Sunday, October 17 for the first Rendez-vous Musical of the season. These concerts, which are an opportunity for the musicians to perform works they are studying or creating, are known for their open and friendly atmosphere. Members of audience, thrilled to (re)discover classical, contemporary and new works, often stay behind to talk with the musicians; these moments are dear to the musicians, who speak about music and their specific disciplines with great passion.

To open the season, the five composers in residence will present works for voice, based on a program idea by Sarah Grace Graves. At the end of the concert, you will be given the opportunity to visit Madison Vander Ark’s exhibition.

Practical Information

Date: October 17 | Time: 5pm | Facebook Event
Covid: Please respect the general physical distancing guidelines. Hand sanitizer will be available at the entrance. According to the government’s announcement, you will be asked for your vaccination passport or a negative PCR test done within the last 48h.

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Previsional Program

Simon Frisch

Aron Frank
Chorale (2021)

Tom Gurin
Could Mortal Lip Divine (2021)

Sergio Herrera
Aquì (2021)’

Sarah Grace Graves
Embrace (2020)

Erin Gee
Mouthpiece II (2002)

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