Joshua Clover | Conference & Reading

Double Change and the Fondation des Etats-Unis are delighted to invite you to a conference by Joshua Clover « Riot.Strike.Poetry: The Balance of Forces in 1967 », which will be followed by a bilingual reading with Joshua Clover and Jean-Marie Gleize (at 7.30pm).

Joshua Clover is a Professor of English Literature and Comparative Literature at University of California Davis. He is the author of three books of poetry and three about cultural history and theory. His latest books are the poetry collections Red Epic (Commune Editions 2015) and Riot. Strike. Riot, a book on the political economy of social struggles (Verso 2016). He has been translated into ten languages; recent or forthcoming articles appear in Critical Inquiry and Representations. He organized the international “Revolution and/or Poetry” conference with Christopher Chen and Juliana Spahr and has collaborated with Jasper Bernes, Tim Kreiner, Wendy Trevino, Abigail Lang, Els Moors, Chris Nealon, Michael Szalay, Sarah Posman, Annie McClanahan, and others. He is a founding editor of Commune Editions. Joshua Clover is a Visiting Professor at Université Paris-Diderot in September 2016.

Since Léman, Jean-Marie Gleize has been pursuing a meditation in prose (“prose in prose”, “post-poetry”) which takes the form of an investigation, a discontinuous narrative enquiry (literal, documentary) based on traces or material data, images (photographs, polaroïds, video) or texts. These books form a cycle (seven volumes published in the Fiction & Cie series at Éditions du Seuil). He is a Professor emeritus from the École Normale Supérieure de Lyon where he directed the Centre d’Etudes Poétiques from 1999 to 2009. He has been in charge of the NIOK series at Éditions Al Dante and the “Signes” series at ENS editions. Since 1990 he edits NIOQUES. Recent publications: Film à venir, Seuil, coll. Fiction & Cie,  2007; Sorties, Questions Théoriques 2009; Tarnac, un acte préparatoire, Seuil, coll. Fiction & Cie 2011; Tarnac, a preparatory act, translated by J. Clover, Chicago, Kenning Editions, 2014; Éd. Correspondance Francis Ponge/Albert Camus, Gallimard, 2014; Sorties (reprint) éd. Questions théoriques, 2014; Les Callunes, La Sétérée, 2014, Le livre des cabanes, Seuil, coll. Fiction & Cie, 2015; Littéralité, éditions Questions théoriques, 2015.

Double Change was founded in 2000 in order to juxtapose, unite and reunite the poetries of France and the United States in a new bi-national, multi-faceted forum. Established as a not-for-profit organization in Paris and with editorial boards in both France and the U.S., Double Change looks to represent a diverse, eclectic spectrum of poetic activity in both countries. The organization has two principal aims: to discover new poets and rediscover poets in expanded bi-national contexts; and to represent in our forums poets and other artists who are in dialogue with their texts. For these goals we have two essential venues: a reading series in Paris, and a web site featuring a poetry magazine and a film archive.

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