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FUSA – Dance Festival France-USA

In July 2023, the first edition of the FUSA – Dance Festival France-USA took place in a room full of dance lovers. FUSA is a committed contemporary dance festival offering a choreographic language inspired by the artistic identity of two cultures that meet, nourish and explore together artistically. Created as part of Althea Dance Company’s artistic residency at the Fondation des États-Unis (FEU), this first edition was built around the theme of shared humanity, a theme evident in the work of each of the participating companies.

FUSA is the result of an encounter between Althea Dance Company and the FEU. Together, they are developing a Franco-American festival of committed contemporary dance. The festival proposes a choreographic language inspired by the artistic identities of two cultures that meet, nourish and explore together. It’s a round-trip rich in creative discoveries, fostering and underlining a strong and friendly bond between France and the United States. FUSA has been conceived as a performance space that respects the integrity of the selected artists’ work, giving them full freedom of expression.© Fondation des États-UnisFor the 2023 edition of the festival, three companies shared the Grand Salon: Cardinal Movement and Company, Le Terrain Vague and Althea Dance Company (including participants in the In Motion V workshop). The pieces presented touched the audience with unique performances, enhanced by the song of the birds in the Roses Garden.© Fondation des États-UnisThe evening concluded with a convivial moment in the FEU’s Roses Garden where artists, dancers, companies, patrons and organizers were able to discuss the success of this first edition of the FUSA dance festival, conceived and produced by Thea Bautista of Althea Dance Company and Noëmi Haire-Sievers, Head of Cultural Programming at the FEU.

© Fondation des États-Unis

The FEU would like to thanks the patrons of the first edition: Leblanc Rénovation, CFN -Nettoyage éco-logique, PKF Arsilon.

The FEU would like to thanks: Quentin Fondu from the Théâtre de la Cité internationale, François Dumont, Logan Pedon from Althea Dance Company, Paul Victor and Amandine Ferrand from FEU culture team.

Discover in pictures the first edition of the France-USA dance festival FUSA :

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