Identities | Photograhy Exhibition by Flore Prebay and Léa Gouzy

“Exposed”: Flore Prebay exhibits queer bodies, within and outside of norms, to suggest empathy and redefine the notion of intimacy. By photographing people’s reactions to her work, she observes how queer bodies are looked at in the public space.

“Wonderchicks”: Léa Gouzy worked with young, committed designers to photograph queer models in queer clothing at the Picasso Projects in the city of Nanterre.

About the photographs

Léa Gouzy received her Bachelor in Photography from Ecole de Condé in Paris and is based in Paris and Brussels. She uses multimedia to create a SoundCloud project based on podcasts and musical creations (April 2020). She is also a model with Wanted Models and operates on both sides of the camera.

Flore Prébay is a photographer based in Paris. She received her Bachelor in Photography from the Ecole de Condé. With her “Identity” series, she stands in defense of self-acceptance and the acceptance of others by showing that all bodies are singular and represent all of humanity.

Practical Information

You can visit the exhibition as you arrive or after the Voguing show on June 11 at 5pm at FEU. Please register for the show and exhibition by clicking on the button below. 

Date: June 11 | Time: 5pm | Événement Facebook
COVID: Mask required, please use the hand sanitizer made available at the entrance. Please respect physical distancing.
Entry: Visitors should arrive by the garden through the Grand Salon [access map]


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