Pop Culture and Psychiatry #2 | Medical Cultures

As part of the Medical Cultures cycle, the FEU is pleased to host Doctor Jean-Victor Blanc’s conference “Pop Culture and Psychiatry, everything you always wanted to know about psychiatry (but never dared to ask)…” Are all artists (including Britney) bipolar? Does schizophrenia look like a Black Swan split personality? Are the Kardashians family therapy? Are all shrinks old and asleep in their chairs like on TV? Are antidepressants drugs like in Requiem for a Dream? Will Mariah Carey save psychiatry? Through references to pop and contemporary culture, this conference-debate will be an opportunity to give information on psychological disorders, unfortunately unknown. The session will be followed by an exchange where all questions can be asked.

Dr. Jean-Victor Blanc, is a psychiatrist and practices at the Saint-Antoine Hospital in Paris. His scientific work focuses on the stigma surrounding psychological disorders and their treatment. He is also editor of What’s Up Doc, a magazine for young doctors that questions the sometimes absurd side of scientific research on a monthly basis. We invite you to check out this interview with Dr Jean-Victor Blanc, published on the Medium website on February 7, 2018. This lecture series is organized in collaboration with the Harriet Hale Woolley Fellow in Psychiatry, Vincent Trebossen.

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