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Arbre | Compagnie Love Labo | Art for Nature

Love Labo presents: Arbre [Tree], a performance ending a weeklong intensive Big DbD Workshop. This Art for Nature themed performance forms part of a month of events including an Art for Climate exhibition & a concert. These events invite artists and the public to reflect upon and discuss climate change, as well as the importance of connection with nature and our community. Perhaps, even, the events may inspire action and changes in one’s daily life. The Grand Salon, located in the heart of the FEU, overlooks the garden and Cité internationale universitaire de Paris‘s eco-campus, where thousands of students live together in a microcosm of the world, in which strong values – including respect for the environment – are foundational.

Arbre will conclude Nathalie Broizat and Love Labo’s 8 wonderful years of artistic residency at the FEU.

The performance Arbre [Tree] is inspired by the social behavior of trees and the intelligence of their ecosystem. In a forest, if each individual took care of themself only, many of them would never reach an old age. The life of a tree depends on its community, as much as the community depends on each individual. To create a healthy environment and live safe, trees share their food with their mates and also maintain their competitors. They prove how much life is easier when connected to others and their differences.
~Nathalie Broizat

About the Big DbD

The Big DbD (Doing by Doing) is an intensive workshop of performance and contemporary dance during a weeklong program with professional performing artists. It concludes with a public presentation. In line with the artistic approach of Love Labo, Nathalie Broizat focuses on the dynamics of the collective in a unique style of performance, joyfully bold.

Big DbD Workshop Participants

Kostia Cerda, Catherine Richon, Ondine Policand, Annabelle Croze, Marie Harel, Meli Leray, Olivia Thos, Pierre-Antoine Bourdel, Benjamin Balthazar Lebigre, Marc Danger, Santana Susjna, Clara Ries, Sabine Alavia, Loreley.

Practical Information

Date Thursday, November 2nd | Time 7pm | Facebook event

Free reservation

About Love Labo

Love Labo is directed by choreographer and performance artist Nathalie Broizat. She creates a unique style of performance inspired by the 10 years she spent in the United States, including one year as a Fulbright grantee. Nathalie Broizat is inspired by Rachel Rosenthal’s DbD (Doing by Doing) technique, which she continues to develop both through performance and workshops, while merging it with her own style. Since 2015, Love Labo has been in residency at the Fondation des États-Unis at the Cité internationale universitaire de Paris, where Nathalie Broizat develops the DbD Workshops. Her next creation, InstantT2020, for 10 dancers, will be created for the Ardanthé festival in Vanves in March 2020 and previewed at the Danse Dense festival, which supports Love Labo.

About the Artist

Nathalie Broizat develops a unique style of performance art inspired by the 10 years she spent in the United States following her year as a Fulbright grantee. Since 2001, she created several short and long pieces in New York and Los Angeles before moving back to France (Lightness 25, Conversion, Amour Where are You..). Her research in New York focused on analyzing one’s “inner world” in terms of movement and then choreographing it. Using Laban Movement Analysis principles, she developed a meticulous style of choreography. In 2004, she became a member of Rachel Rosenthal’s company, a pioneer of Performance Art in Los Angeles, where she worked for over 6 years. At the same time, she continued her own research and created many pieces that have been performed in venues such as the Highways Performance Space, Redcat, the Getty Center, the MOCA (Museum of Contemporary Art) in Los Angeles, and the Single File Festival in Chicago. Back in France since 2015, Nathalie Broizat has worked as a performer with Marco Berrettini, Anne Rebeschini, Anna Gaïotti and Caroline Breton. She was inspired by the DbD (Doing by Doing) technique from Rachel Rosenthal and continues to develop it in France, both in performance and in artistic education. She regularly leads DbD Workshops for professional and amateur artists. Her piece InstantT for 10 dancers and performers was presented at the opening of the Festival Danse Dense in 2020. In April 2022, she presented InstantT22 for 7 performers at the end of the festival.

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