The Word for Snow by Don DeLillo

In the framework of the conference “Fiction Rescues History” (DeLillo Conference in Paris), the FEU has the honor to host the performance of the play The Word for Snow, in the presence of Don DeLillo. Don DeLillo is an American writer, author of short stories, plays, screenplays and articles, who is part of the post-modernist movement. His work, both complex and stylistically virtuosic, is traversed by recurring themes such as film, language, the anguish of death and the fascination for the image. In his play The Word for Snow, the artist stages the subject of climate change and talks about a planet Earth whose physical appearance disappears, leaving behind only words capable of describing what remains of it. The meaning of the title can be found in one of the lines of the play: “Are you saying children will build a snowman with the word for snow?”

For more information, please visit the conference webpage.

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