Reading with Frédéric Forte et Guy Bennett | With Double Change

The Fondation des Etats-Unis in partnership with Double Change invite you on Saturday, February 20, 2016 to a Franco-American reading by Frédéric Forte and Guy Bennett. Frédéric Forte, a French poet and member of OULIPO, has a book translated by Guy Bennet, a Californian poet and translator himself, published by Editions de l’Attente.

This evening will consist of a transatlantic dialogue such as Double Change loves them: if Frédéric Forte translated from American English, Guy Bennet translated from French and was particularly interested in the long history of Franco-American magazines that marked the 20th century by creating relationships between French and American poetry. It will therefore be a lively evening, even lively, as Frédéric Forte’s translation work has so much to do with the manipulations he usually carries out on texts to produce his own poems.

Double Change is an evolutionary project which militates in favour of American and French poetry called experimental. When it was founded in 2000, the Double Change association instituted a series of bilingual readings in Paris. Each month, a reading brings together two poets who read their texts, each in their own language. These transatlantic exchanges have been filmed since 2004 to constitute an archive, providing an opportunity for crossroads, confrontation and translation. Free admission, come in large numbers.

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