Workshop – Cultivating diplomacy exploring “The Soul of Civility”

On April 23rd, the Fondation des États-Unis will host an immersive diplomatic workshop organized by DiploCité in partnership with Braver Angels. In celebration of World Book and Copyright Day, this event will feature esteemed American author Alexandra Hudson, who will delve into the themes of her bestselling book, “The Soul of Civility.”

Against the backdrop of the 2024 context, characterized by conflicts and tensions and with half of the world’s population gearing up for elections, attendees will have a unique opportunity to master civil discourse and engage in depolarizing national and international debates, exploring the timeless significance of civility in today’s divisive world.

During the event, participants will have the opportunity to engage in small-group discussions led by residents, with the added presence of the speaker herself, fostering a safe and nurturing environment for sharing thoughts and gaining insights.

Attendees will engage in an interactive debate with the author, covering topics like freedom and democracy, civility and politeness, individualism and communalism, rebuilding trust and fostering civic society, navigating social pressure and free speech, and citizenship in the digital age, the role of public leadersand citizens in fostering tolerance, comity, and civility, among others.

Practical Information

Date Tuesday, April 23 | Time 7:45pm | Access: 15 Boulevard Jourdan, 75014 Paris (plan)

Detailed program

Please complete the registration form – mandatory as spaces are limited.

About Diplo Cité and Braver Angels

Diplo Cité is an interactive hub for residents, aimed at promoting dialogue and education on contemporary diplomatic issues. Inspired by Cité’s founders’ vision of a ‘school for human relations for peace,’ this initiative is dedicated to engaging with diplomatic stakeholders, in France and beyond.

Braver Angels is an American cross-partisan movement dedicated to bridging political divides through community engagement. The organization runs workshops, debates, and other events where “red” (conservative) and “blue” (liberal) participants attempt to better understand one another’s positions and discover their shared values.

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