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Althea Dance Company

Althea Dance Company has held short, artistic residencies during the summer since 2018, holding contemporary dance workshops in preparation of a performance, open to the public. In 2020, the residency takes on a different form, adjusting to the present circumstances, with a creative residency in the summer and the workshop and performance in November.

Althea Dance Company is a New York-based contemporary dance company based between New York City and Paris, directed by Thea Bautista. Althea Dance’s work is a blend of contemporary flow and seamless movement, yet very physical, which mixes floor work with the lines and extensions of the dancers.

Althea Dance focuses on international collaboration with artists from different fields such as writers, musicians, painters or visuals artists. The company enjoys presenting its work in surprising and unexpected places, like warehouses, artist studios, art galleries or outdoor spaces. The company explores new ways of sharing dance with the audience and how to reach people who may not be used to the contemporary dance scene. So far, Althea Dance Company presents its work internationally in different parts of the world, mainly in the US, France and Mexico, and is aiming to continue expanding its multi-cultural artistic vision throughout the world.

As part of its residency, Althea Dance Company offers an annual workshop open to dancers and amateurs including: technical classes on contemporary dance taught by members of the company, repertoire classes, improvisation and partnering. The workshop also includes daily choreography sessions as part of the creation of a piece that is presented at the end of the workshop and open to the public. In 2021, the participants of the In Motion III workshop danced the FEU in a creative video project: Inimage.

The Company continues to develop its work in the afternoons reserved for creation. In 2018, during the performance titled In Motion, the company presented the premiere of Locust, a piece created at the FEU. In 2019, the show Contemplation was the perfect occasion to present their new piece Les Fenêtres. This coming fall, Althea will present Lazar after two residencies, one at FEU and one in New-York.

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Thea Bautista is a French, Mexican and American dancer and choreographer and she is the founder and artistic director of Althea Dance Company. She studied music and dance for 10 years at the Maurice Ravel conservatory in Paris before leaving for New York City to continue her training at the Perdiance Capezio Center, where she earned her diploma in 2013. In France, Thea danced for the Ballet Ethéry Pagava and for the Corps à Sons ensemble. In the US she worked on several projects with renowned choreographers such as Charlotta Öfverholm, Milton Myers, Ronald K. Brown, Catherina Rago, Shawn Bible and with companies such as Oniin Dance Company, Azul Dance Theater, Hose Work Dance Project and IKADA Dance Company. Thea created her first choreography in 2016 and founded Althea Dance Company in 2017. She is currently working on several projects to be presented in New York, France and Mexico.


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