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Two of the FEU’s resident artists, Liberal Martin and Anahita Navaei, reveal the behind-the-scenes process of making their animated films. Digital and traditional animation, 3D elements, stop motion, and woven yarns are juxtaposed, opposed and intertwined in this collaborative exhibition.

The opening on March 2 is part of Art-Hop-Polis, art hopping at the Cité internationale on the first Wednesday of the month. The program of exhibitions will be available on CitéScope soon.

Practical Information

Date : March 2 to 28 | Facebook Event
Covid : According to the latest announcements, you will be asked to present your COVID Vaccination Certificate. We can no longer accept a negative test result. Please respect the general physical distancing guidelines. Hand sanitizer will be available at the entrance.


Date : March 2 as part of Art-Hop-Polis | Time: 6-8:30pm

Free Reservation March 2

The visits will take place in half-hour slots in the presence of the artist. Full Art-Hop-Polis program coming soon.

Guided Tours

A Visit will be organized after the Rendez-vous Musical. Other dates will be added during the month.

Free Reservation March 6

About the Artists

Libéral Martin lives and works in Paris. In 2014, he started studying animation at ENSAD. He directed his two first short films combining music and animation, Destinations and Querelles de clochers, in 2015 and 2016. This experimentation lead to other multimedia productions such as Willem Van Haecht and VERTE OFF in 2016 and Fake 48-6 in 2017. His research on synesthesia is outlined in his dissertation “Du mouvement musicale à l’image”, in which he presents a variety of connections between music and images in film and animation. In 2018, he joined the community of resident artists at the Fondation des États-Unis. In June 2020, he completed his latest short animation film The Mecanorgans, which was released in 2020. Liberal recently took part in the group exhibition Would Do Again and a film evening showcasing resident filmmakers.

Anahita Navaei was born in February 1995 in Paris. She is a filmmaker and visual artist, passionate about images and synesthesia. Having completed a degree in Law and the History of Cinema at the Sorbonne, she went on to study writing and directing at the University of Corsica. She directed her first film, Iran è man, produced by the G.R.E.C (Groupe de Recherches et d’Essais Cinématographiques), in partnership with the Centre Méditerranéen de la Photographie. In 2020, she completed her Masters in Creation at University Paris 8-Saint-Denis. Her second film, Nahid and Sepideh, a fiction set in France and Iran was released at the Festival des 168 Heures. In December 2021, Villa Ndar, the French Institute of Saint Louis in Senegal, offered Anahita a residency to rewrite and develop her latest animated film project, Soum, an animated tale made of fabrics and spices, which takes place in the city of Saint-Louis. She received the “Sortie d’école” grant from the CNC for the project. Anahita Navaei has been an artist-in-residence at the Fondation des Etats-Unis since November 2020, where she works in her 5th floor artist studio. Anahita recently took part in the group exhibition Would Do Again and a film evening showcasing resident filmmakers.

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