Le Collectif Watkaz Presents: Jasam van sebe/ Hors de Moi

I want to forget that the return is inevitable” Ella Maillard

Vladimir, a young Serbian bohemian artist flees his country at war to take refuge in France. In Paris, he meets a woman with whom he will have three children. After a few years, his wife falls seriously ill and Vladimir suddenly decides to abandon his family. Fifteen years later, Ana, the smallest of the children, finds him after a long search. Vladimir and his children will meet in the bar downstairs. The whole room is built around the possible reunion between this father and these three children.

The Watkaz collective is a non-profit association founded in December 2012. It now has about sixty associates: artists, show and audiovisual technicians, students and volunteers. Watkaz brings together theatre, music, cinema, performance and visual arts enthusiasts. The collective’s dynamic is built around transdisciplinary experiments to celebrate and promote the performing arts through a variety of projects: plays, short films, concerts, video installations, visual and sound performances, or exhibitions of photographs and paintings. The Watkaz collective wishes to create and support artistic projects as ambitious as they are original. Free entry, limited places.

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