Musical Hairspray by Hit It!

The Hit It! student company will present excerpts from the musical Hairspray, with commentary by Anne Crémieux, an American film and cultural studies specialist, at the Fondation des Etats Unis on Friday, December 4.

Hit It! was born from the association of 10 students in love with the arts and the stage, in 2010 as part of an artistic project within Science Po. The team grew in 2014 and together they continue to bring their taste for music outside the walls of their school through shows such as Grease, Chicago, and now Hairspray.

Famous Broadway musical (2002) adapted from John Waters’ Divine (1988) and re-adapted to cinema with John Travolta (2007), Hairspray evokes the story of a teenage girl whose ambition is equal to her haircut. This decoiffant show will be accompanied by comments that will return, among other things, to the real social themes addressed by the multiple versions of Hairspray, such as segregation and identity activism.

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