Scenic reading of “Extreme Whether” followed by a debate | Event ArtCOP21

Extreme Whether, a drama by Karen Malpede, inspired by the life and scientific, prophetic and controversial work of two American climate scientists, James Hansen and Jennifer Francis, will be presented at ARTCOP21, as part of the UN COP21 conference. This international climate conference may be the last chance for nations to keep the global temperature below 2°C. Extreme Whether details the persistent struggle of American scientists against global warming and highly paid lobbyists.

George Bartenieff, co-director with Karen Malpede at the TTC, performs the role, specially written for him, of uncle, a mystical environmentalist at the Thoreau and promoter of alternative energy. Kathleen Purcell plays Uncle Annie’s protégé, a precocious girl, in search of her sexual identity, who saves frogs and defends the planet body and soul.

Nathalie Sandoz, Artistic Director of De Facto Co. plays Rebecca, an Arctic scientist who, like Jennifer Francis, supports the theory that rapid ice melt in the Arctic contributes to extreme weather conditions, causing prolonged droughts and record snowfalls in the northern hemisphere.

In his blog Dot.Earth in the New York Times, science writer Andrew Revkin says the play is “provocative, bold, full of humour and danger.” He strongly recommends it. James Hansen attended the opening night of Extreme Whether in New York last October, and Jennifer Francis attended a rehearsal of the same play. Both scientists praise it: “It’s an impressive play.” Francis said. “Excellent! The play will certainly interest a wide audience.” Hansen says.

This English stage reading, directed by the Theatre Three Collaborative (TTC) of New York and the Cie De Facto in Neuchâtel, Switzerland, will be followed by a discussion led by Yves Figueiredo, Université Paris Sorbonne. During the intermission, the Domaine Richeaume offers you to taste a glass of organic wine.

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