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Fresques | A visual and Choregraphic Performance

Created by and with : Claire Bésuelle, Nathanaël Bez, Sandra Caserio, Julien Debuys, Gwen Metayer, Dessislava Milanova, Anne Rebeschini Celine Rotard, Amelia Rus, Alina Shron, Sabrina Siddeki, Geoffroy de la Taille.

This show is the result of a 8 weeks workshop directed by Nathalie Broizat at the Fondation des États-Unis. It presents a series of short pieces inspired by the Art Deco frescoes of the beautiful salon of the Foundation, in a total theater style combining absurd and surreal moments of theater, ironic and thoughtful at the same time. These workshops take place in the continuity of the DBD Workshops happening 4 times a year at the Fondation des Etats-Unis, an intensive 3-days workshop exploring all aspects of theatrical performance: body, voice, music, costumes, sets and props, calling for a real euphoria in creating and giving form to a unique style of theater. This workshop is open to anyone. (www.lovelaboparis.com) The Foundation’s frescoes were painted in 1930 by Robert de Montaigne Saint-Hubert, restored by experts from the Musée du Louvre. Although there exist many examples of Art Deco furniture, fabrics, and architecture, the only other Art Deco frescoes in Paris are to be found in the Museum of African and Oceanic Art. The Foundation’s frescoes therefore occupy an important place in the history of this period.

Dans cette faille du temps les tableaux se succèdent et tissent entre eux le réseau incongru de sens inconnus… La jubilation exquise, là, d’avoir vécu avec eux ce chemin léger et dense à la fois. Jubilation du risque qu’ils ont pris de laisser advenir ces conflagrations où rythme, couleurs, son, et forme se sont soudain accordées pour vibrer ensemble, ouvrant là un gisement de sens au pluriel et en 3D. On en ressort songeur et désirant, rêveur… Claire Besuelle.

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