DbD Workshop #1

The DbD Experience (Doing by Doing) is a 23-hour intensive weekend created by renowned interdisciplinary performance artist Rachel Rosenthal in Los Angeles. Nathalie Broizat has worked with Rachel Rosenthal for 5 years, and she is the first former member of the Rachel Rosenthal Company authorized to pass on this technique. The method applied to the DbD was developed between the 50’s and 70’s in Los Angeles with the Instant Theater Company. “Doing by Doing” is the underlying philosophy of the workshop, providing participants with a thorough hands-on experience covering all aspects of theatrical performance (body, voice, sound, music, movement, lights, sets, props and costumes), approached through exercises, processes and improvisations of solos, duets and group work. The nuts and bolts aspect of the work is technical and professional. All levels of experience are welcome. This workshop is open to anyone interested in committing to a full, one weekend artistic experience, whether you are a professional artist of any discipline, amateur or simply interested in a new experience. All creative souls are welcome!

Nathalie Broizat is a French Performance Artist and actress CMA (Certified Movement Analyst). She lived in the United Stated for 10 years, and she is now established in Paris. After graduating in Performance Arts at Paris University, she studied as a Fulbright grantee at the Laban/Bartenieff Institute in New York and graduated in 2001. . She will be performing in the new project of the choreographer Marco Berrettini, that will be presented in Fall 2015 at the Theater of the Cité Universitaire de Paris.

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