Contra Danse Workshop

For the first time, the FEU is delighted to welcome two Contra Danse events. When English/French/Irish/Scottish set dancing crossed the Atlantic to New England, it evolved into a new style called contra dancing. Recently, this style has evolved further, picking up speedand taking elements from swing and rock. In the U.S., contra dances attract hundreds of participants of all ages. While contra dancing has become popular in many parts of Europe, e.g. the UK, Denmark, the Czech Republic, Belgium, Switzerland, it has remained relatively unknown in France. Contra dancing is « called », meaning that each dance is made up of basic elements and each is quickly taught, then danced. Contra dances are open to participants of all ages and of all dancing levels. If you already know how to dance Irish, English, French or other traditional dances, come along! If you don’t know how to dance yet, come as well, you will learn very quickly! For more information and to watch some Contra Danse videos, click here.

Schedule: Workshop for all levels from 4pm to 6.30pm | Ball from 7.30pm
Price: 10€ | Students 5€ Free for the CiuP residents (upper presentation of resident card)
Shared meal from 6.30pm to 7.30pm (bring a dish or pay €7)

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