Community Garden at the FEU

The FEU first created a community garden in 2016. What was once a grassy plot on the west side of the house became a shared garden, providing food and nourishment to residents and staff.

The first plants of the garden, 2016.

Harvest from November 2016, carrots and green tomatoes.

The garden has evolved over the years, with different residents and staff members taking care of the plots, growing plants from seeds, and taking charge of composting, which all residents can contribute to. Residents also learned how to build furniture from wooden palets, making the garden a more welcoming space.

The garden in 2017, composting bins at the back.

In early 2020 the garden was reorganized using tiles from the roof after the East Side Story renovations, allowing residents to reinvest in the garden and work together in a shared space.

The new plots with plants just beginning to grow, 2020.

With the COVID-19 pandemic, the garden became a great resource for residents to have fresh food and providing them with a routine during quarantine.

September 2020.


The garden also became a space of artistic expression and collaboration.

Scarecrow and signs made by residents Hope Curran and Elias El Ghoul.

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