Chopin, A Letter Through the Parisian Years

CHOPIN : A LETTER THROUGH THE PARISIAN YEARS is a reflexion on the absolute need to create in order to give meaning to one’s life, an idea that Chopin so well illustrates. Each time a new piece is given birth to, it leaves the creator and inhabits the souls of others. The personality of Chopin -usually not illustrated by performers – will also reveal itself through the reading of his correspondance, delicate and full of passionate like his music. This event goes beyond the strucutre of a classical concert and uses three genres : performances of different piano work from Chopin, readings (in French and English) of correspondences of Chopin, and poems of his contemporary period, photographs and video clips of his Parisian life ; his pianos, his manuscripts, his family’s objects, etc. This project will be developed and and presented in the Grand Salon in the Fondation des Etats, and it was created by Elina Akselrud, a classic American/Ukrainian pianist and photographer, formed in Kiev, New-York and Boston, in collaboration with the actor Nathaniel Bez.

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