Artist’s Talk

The Fondation des Etats-Unis presents an Artist’s Talk by Nicole Geary: Prints, Drawings, Sculpture

In one of modern science’s landmark events, the Scottish geologist James Hutton interpreted the rocky formation at Scotland’s Siccar Point comprised of Old Red Sandstone accreted laterally atop vertical beds of Silurian greywacke to be an unconformity, revealing to humankind the idea of “deep time.” The process of how humans form memories and create lasting impressions of events correlates interestingly to the processes of earth’s rates of sedimentation and compaction; perhaps where we see unconformities in the strata there is no “memory” of that event or time period in the history of the earth. The work Nicole Geary makes is shaped by a combination of interests, including geological formations, stratigraphy and memory. She explores analogues to our experiences from within the body to the earth’s history, comparing our physical and emotional responses to the processes that have shaped the earth now and in the past. Her presentation will discuss some geological methodology as it applies to the way she conceives of and utilizes it, amplifying the creative function of science.

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