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Work-in-Progress: Bonheur | Love Labo

Love Labo – directed by Nathalie Broizat, company in residency at the Fondation des États-Unis – is entering a new phase of creation. Bonheur, a piece for 3 performers and a musician, questions how our vision of happiness was marked by the 80s: the development of the post-modern individual in a period full of creativity, desires and flourishing styles, shaped by global and cultural financialization.

The company invites you to see an extract of the work-in-progress during their weeklong residency at the FEU in April. Come meet the company and cast!

Practical Information

Date Friday, April 21 | Time 6pm | Facebook Event

Free registration

About the artists

Nathalie Broizat, Love Labo’s director / choregrapher

Develops a unique style of performance art inspired by the 10 years she spent in the United States following her year as a Fulbright grantee. Since 2001, she created several short and long pieces in New York and Los Angeles before moving back to France (Lightness 25, Conversion, Amour Where are You..). Her research in New York focused on analyzing one’s “inner world” in terms of movement and then choreographing it. Using Laban Movement Analysis’ principles, she developed a meticulous style of choreography. In 2004, she became a member of Rachel Rosenthal’s company, a pioneer of Performance Art in Los Angeles, where she worked for over 6 years. At the same time, she continued her own research and created many pieces that have been performed in venues such as the Highways Performance Space, Redcat, the Getty Center, the MOCA (Museum of Contemporary Art) in Los Angeles, and the Single File Festival in Chicago. Back in France since 2015, Nathalie Broizat has worked as a performer with Marco Berrettini, Anne Rebeschini, Anna Gaïotti and Caroline Breton. She inherited the DbD (Doing by Doing) technique from Rachel Rosenthal and continues to develop it in France, both in performance and in artistic education. She regularly leads DbD Workshops for professional and amateur artists. Her piece InstantT for 10 dancers and performers was presented at the opening of the Festival Danse Dense in 2020. On April 2022, she presents InstantT22 — currently broadcasted — for 7 performers at the end of the festival.

Antonin Appaix, composer and performer

Antonin Appaix’s songs oscillate between pop, acoustic experimentation, and electronic ballads. His work is inspired by various art styles: the poetry of Blaise Cendrars and Henri Michaux; the choppy language of Lala &ce and Booba; the work of Alain Souchon, Dominique Dumont, Brigitte Fontaine, and Sébastien Tellier among others. Appaix grew up in Marseille, and studied cinema and fine arts in Paris, Lyon, Mexico City, and Cergy. He worked as a visual artist before devoting himself fully to music. He is currently preparing for the release of his new album.

Jayson Batut, dancer

Actor and dancer, Jayson was born in Brussels in 1979. Trained at the TNB, he studied and worked with Claude Régis, Bruno Meyssat, Eric Didry, Loïc Touzé, Latifa Laabisso, François Verret, Stanislas Nordey, and François Tanguy. In 2005, he completed  a choreography workshop   at C.N.D.C in Angers. Then, he participated in Danseweb in 2018. He has since performed for François Tanguy, Stanislas Nordey, Nathalie Garraud, Manah De Pauw, Latifa Laabissi, Pieter Ampe, Boris Charmatz, Hermann Heizig, Lénio Kakléa and Meg Stuart. He even played the role of Miss Mandel in the film remake of “Suspiria” directed by Lucas Guadagnino.

Alexandre Bibia, dancer

Born in Paris in 1991, Alexandre trained in contemporary dance at the Conservatoire Supérieur de Paris. He is also a graduate of Paris 8. He has worked with Brigitte Seth and Roser Montllo Guberna, Camille Ollagnier, Guilhermo Bothelo, Oona Doherty, Jean-Luc Verna, Tony Regazzoni, and most notably with Nathalie Broizat since the creation of Love Labo.

Silvia di Rienzo, dancer

Silvia studied dance and literature in Rome, Brussels, London, and Paris. She works as a dancer and collaborates with the choreographers Anouska Brodacz, Annarita Pasculli, and Sacha Ramos in Italy, as well as director Loris Liberale in Brussels. Based in Paris since 2003, she has performed for Richard R. Zachary and the choreographers Laurence Rondoni and Mohammed Shafik, Anne Lopez, Valeria Apicella, Alexandre Pavlata, Vincent Macaigne, Toméo Vergès. More recently, she has collaborated with the Compagnie I.D.A Mark Tompkins, artist Malena Beer, the Compagnie Yma d’Orin Camus, Anna Gaïotti, and Chloé Hernandez. In 2011, she created Compagnie C&C with Stefania Brannetti, a dance and performance company for outdoor public spaces.

Nivine Chaikhoun, set designer

Nivine has always collected objects, stories, images, and music that she carefully arranges in boxes or folders. After studying interior design at ESAA Duperré in Paris and then at ENSBA Lyon, set design became her passion.  She experiments with dynamic devices to portray collections as artistic, scientific, or informative.

Constance Chambers-Farah, manager

After studying fine arts at the School of Decorative Arts in Strasbourg and at the art school of Cergy, Constance Chambers-Farah specializes in supporting artistic and cultural projects and collaborates with the artist Dominique Gonzalez- Foerster as well as the Daniel Templon gallery. Later, she started to work for dance companies and worked with Cecilia Bengolea and Tatiana Julien. In March 2022, she joined the company Love Labo to support its initiative and to work on developing the company in France and abroad.

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