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Anson Jones is a 2022-23 Fulbright-Harriet Hale Woolley resident of the FEU. Her Printempo recital will be a selection of jazz and popular works, the majority of which were written during her residence here. The first work, Mida and the Indigo Forest, is a whimsical instrumental piece mixing jazz and classical traditions. Following that are a selection of moments from Anson’s graduation piece, City Veins, the text of which are original stories and poems playing with the theme of urban waterways. The last third of the concert will be a selection of original songs arranged for this ensemble, Anson will be joined by an ensemble gathering FEU residents with outside guests.

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Practical Information

Date Tuesday, June 20 | Time 7:30pm | Facebook Event

Free Registration


Anson Jones (1999-)
Mida and the Indigo Forest
Selections from City Veins
Winter Wind
Dear Olivia
Give Me Again
Call Me Home
Sugar Rush
Anson Jones, voice, piano

The Artist

Anson Jones is a singer, composer, and songwriter from New York City whose work pulls in turns from modern jazz, modern classical music, and popular music. She graduated from Princeton University in the class of 2022, where she won the Louis Sudler Prize in the Arts and the Isodore and Helen Sacks Memorial Prize in Music. She is 2022-2023 Fulbright-Harriet Hale Woolley scholar and FEU resident, composing a suite of music inspired by Parisian examples of glass architecture. In between academic projects, she enjoys making more commercial music – she loves indie, rock, and folk music, and in June 2022 she released an EP of jazz-rock fusion on Modern Icon Recordings. For both her commercial and academic music, she’s played with her own groups around New York City, joined in writer’s showcases like the New York Songwriters’ Circle and the 5PM Concert Series, and performed at the 2020 Litchfield Jazz Festival. Anson is passionate about many other fields as well – she has passions for music cognition, computer science, art, and architecture. She has even worked at a series of architecture firms and as a data science intern at a neuroscience lab. Her range of interests all inform her approach towards music-making as an interdisciplinary process.

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