Alumni Portraits

Meeting people, traveling, learning – these are the words that U.S. Foundation alumni use to reflect on their years at FEU.

“My years at FEU were very rich in encounters. This clash of cultures broadens the field of possibilities, the horizon of life” – Stéphanie Jaalouk, consultant

“The possibilities were endless, it was a great year” – Murray Zimiles, artist

“Every time I’m at the Foundation, I feel at home. I feel like I’m coming back from the nest from which I flew” – Jay Gotlieb, pianist

Since its founding in 1930, FEU has welcomed generations of students from around the world. FEU contributes to the maintenance and development of this international and intergenerational network, a real asset for its alumni. Being a member of the FEU alumni network offers the possibility of seeing friendships and professional relationships maintained over the long term, allows for the exchange of opportunities or the sharing of knowledge thanks to masterclasses and concerts given by some of them.

From an exhibition at MoMA to the creation of a national opera in Romania, to 3D printing in a Parisian pharmaceutical start-up, the paths taken by our alumni since their stay at FEU reflect the diversity of our residents and their projects. From the desire to highlight the rich and diverse careers of each is the series of interviews of alumni, the opportunity for them to recall some memories and look back on the highlights of their careers.

To inaugurate this series, Jay Gottlieb, pianist and HHW scholarship holder in 1975-76, tells us about his studies with Nadia Boulanger and the beginning of his career in Paris.

Murray Zimiles, artist and 1965-66 HHW Fellow, shares his memories of his distant years in Paris.

Clarinetist Jenny Maclay, 2015-16 HHW Fellow, looks back on the stages of her young career, in Paris and internationally.

Alicia Paz, who was a resident artist and HHW scholar in 1993-94, retraces the evolution of her career on the international arts scene.

Stéphanie Jaalouk, Strategy and Market Access Consultant in the pharmaceutical industry, looks back at the professional skills she acquired through her involvement with FEU, especially during her year as President of the Residents’ Committee.

FEU regularly posts these videos on its networks and YouTube channel.

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