VOICES FROM WITHIN, a musical performance written and directed by Jacob Kopcienski

“Voices from Within” is a multi-dimensional performance conceived by American Saxophonist, Jacob Kopcienski. The performance highlights Kopcienski’s work in the 2014-2015 academic year as a Harriet Hale Woolley Scholar he studied the relationship between the voice and the saxophone ranging from collaborative performances with vocalists to the study of various vocal techniques in contemporary saxophone playing. Additionally, it reflects Kopcienski’s varied but intersecting interests in staging, improvisation, and interdisciplinary collaboration as elements in musical performance. A musical narrative, “Voices from Within” follows the emotional journey of a despondent traveler finding their way through the night. Light and staging attempt to illustrate this emotional and physical state. Furthermore, text fragments in the performance are derived from the passages from the Lamentations of Jeremiah, the poetry of Phillipe Leroux, and Kopcienski’s own words to create a context of forlorn despair while searching for an uncertain, if not unlikely, catharsis. The homogeneous blend of these elements seeks to create a unique environment in which the audience is both observer and participant to actions that are occurring around them.

Works by: Vinko Globokar, François Rossé, Joaquin Nin, Peter Wilson, Phillipe Leroux, Jacob Kopcienski
Musicians: Jacob KOPCIENSKI, Saxophones, Nicky PURSER, Piano Anaïs, HUGUET-BALENT, Soprano, Karine Bartelle, Video

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