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Views from around the World is a photographic project, born from the initiative of several residents of the Cité internationale. Their desire is to represent both the human and architectural diversity of the site and to enhance the interaction that exists between the two. Residents’ lives and choices are influenced by the ethics of the home. While the rooms inside each house are essentially the same, residents express their individuality by often adding objects to the room, creating the originality of each room. In addition, each room offers a unique view of the Cité, offering a unique architectural experience to its residents. Covering 32 houses and more than 100 inhabitants, this transversal collection of portraits highlights the essence of the Cité International, presenting its remarkable history for the world, inside and out, and showing how the Cité acts as an exemplary ideal for the possibility of harmony, beyond borders. Follow the Views from around the World Facebook page here. This summer, you can also discover 10 portraits in the outdoor exhibition space, on the promenade behind the Fondation Victor Lyon at the Cité internationale (until August 31). This project benefited from the Resident Initiatives Fund, paid by the Cité internationale universitaire de Paris to resident, multi-home projects.

Opening Hours

Monday to Friday from 10am to 12:30pm and 2:30pm to 6pm. Evenings or weekends by appointment only:

Special opening on Saturday, September 15th and Sunday, September 16th for the Journées européennes du patrimoine, in the presence of the project leaders: Kartik Varma (MIAA), Viet Le Hoang (Deutsch de la Meurthe Foundation), Clemence Boudry (Robert Garric), Anna Keteimeier (Maison Heinrich Heine), Kevin Lamour (Maison du Cambodge) and Sams Arffin (MIAA).

The exhibition will be exceptionally closed on Friday, September 28th.

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