Sonder Part II: Shelter in this Place by Hope Curran

Living as an American in Paris, Hope Curran presentes a multimedia and interdisciplinary body of work to La Fondation des Etats Unis based on the poetic interconnectivity that accompanies life as artists in a globalising world. To “sonder” is to partake in the ongoing narrative of humanity. The show is a time capsule of life under quarantine due to COVID-19. Shelter-in-place guidelines, social distancing and a halt on travel shifted the concept of SONDER entirely. Under confinement, sonder has shifted in meaning from a poetic global feeling into its french definition: to probe, seek, examine and experiment. Through poetry, photography, participation, collage and a collaborative approach Hope transforms the gallery space into a place of connection and discovery of the everyday poetic experience of life in Paris. You will find a broken mirror and Iranian rug found on the streets of Paris, furniture from the La Fondation des Etats Unis in the 1930s used by generations of students living and studying here, words from our diaries, love letters and most importantly: space. The environment of the gallery is curated to be interactive and space for symbiosis and interconnectivity. oday someone will fall in love, someone will be born, another will mourn. Today is both ordinary and extraordinary: for you woke up with breath in your lungs and our paths have crossed. Amidst crisis, globalization, climate change and culture wars Hope seeks to create a space of rest, reflection and welcome as a part of her final Masters in Fine Arts and Internaltional Vision at Panthèon Sorbonne.

Hope Curran

“My name is Hope and my life is messy…. I want to learn the language of light, the DNA of heaven held in my heart– trying to find home amongst the many. Hope is defined as the feeling of expectation and the dream for something to happen. My name has inspired a lifelong creative search for joy, beauty, adventure, color, community, and connection. To hope is to not yet have, yet hold close. I’ve been in Paris for three years after graduating from UC Santa Barbara working alongside Transform and Agapé Arts and pursuing a Masters in Art at Pantheon-Sorbonne. A multidisciplinary approach allows me to work on the themes of memory, relational aesthetics and light through photography, poetry, performance and installation. These are my prayers and promises written in ink, portraits of light. Messy like me, full of mistakes and typos, caught in between heaven and home.”

Guided Tours

Guided tours with the artist upon reservation only. Please wear a mask and use the hand sanitizer made available at the entrance. Access to the gallery will be limited to ten people and you will be required to keep a distance of one meter to other visitors.

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