Alexander Moravcsik, Yigit Gursoy & Friends | Printempo

The fourth Printempo concert is dedicated to jazz. Alexander Moravcsik, Yigit Gursoy and a few of their classmates from the American School of Modern Music will play a selection of jazz standards, from swing to modal jazz. The program will include at least one original composition.

Free admission by reservation:

Inscription en ligne

The Musicians

Alexander de Gogorza Moravcsik is a multi-genre pianist, composer, and photographer residing at the FEU. At the moment, Moravcsik is the principal keyboardist for the band AMHAYA, a funk-fusion sextet based in Paris. Currently a student at the American School of Modern Music, Alexander is on track to complete his degree this year before returning to the USA to study at Princeton University. Born in Ankara,

Yigit Gursoy started playing the guitar at age 13. He taught himself how to play the guitar while attending Lycée Francais Charles de Gaulle in Ankara. Although he was accepted to Berkley School of Modern Music at the age of 17, he went to study political science at Sciences Po, Lyon. However, he returned to full time music studies two years later. He moved to Nancy committing to an intense year of Jazz studies at Music Academie International. After graduation he pursued his dream, moving to Paris to continue his studies at the American School of Modern Music. He is currently playing jazz music around Paris, producing in his own studio, and learning how to play the fretless guitar. In an effort to connect with his roots he is looking for a new sound, bridging the gap between oriental and jazz music.

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