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Multi-plicities | Annette G. Parra

By combining different media such as paint, photography, and video, Annette G. Parra explores the dimensions and elasticity of these materials through physical and digital experiments. Old photographs are reworked — printed, scratched, distorted, and animated until they resemble something else entirely. The artist plays with variation by using her existing works and transforming them into new creations. Thus, creating new hybrid images of old and new. The artist invites you to dive into a dreamlike experience where nature’s color codes no longer exist. Instead, paper and pixels become the sensory medium.

The opening will take place on Wednesday, March 1st, as part of Art-Hop-Polis. The full program will be available on CitéScope soon.

Practical Information

Dates March 1-31 | Opening Monday to Friday 10am-1pm / 2:30-5:00pm | Access plan available here

If you wish to come at another time, please see the guided tour schedule or contact us at contact@fondationdesetatsunis.org

Grand Opening

Date Wednesday, March 1st | Time 7-8:30pm | Facebook Event

Free with reservation

Reservation mandatory. Depending on the number of visitors, you may be asked to wait before entering the exhibit.

Guided Tour

Visits will be organized with the presence of the artist.

Rendez-Vous Musical #87

This guided tour is only accessible for the people coming to the March 5 Rendez-Vous Musical #87

March 10 @ 6pm

March 16 @ 6pm

Rendez-Vous Musical #88

This guided tour is only accessible for the people coming to the April 2nd Rendez-Vous Musical #88

Meet the Artist

Annette G. Parra is a Venezuelan photographer and visual artist based in Paris since 2016. Parra grew up in Caracas and moved to France to expand her horizons as an artist and gain professional experience in Europe’s film capital. With a degree in film studies, the artist is making her way into the film archives field. Parra is especially intrigued by the concept of color in film: its history, materiality, and narrative power. So much so that she has spent the past several years researching color in an academic setting. Her artistic work is emotionally charged, feeding mostly from nostalgia and memories. For many years she has explored the possibilities of her artistic expression in different areas like poetry, performance art, video art, painting, and her principal discipline photography. Curious about the multiplicity of images, her artwork intents to revive previous works or to create a new vision for an existing piece. This exploration is led by combining photography, painting, and video to create an experimental, digital result.

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