MAGIC – Thierry Collet is back with a show in English!

On Sunday 31 May 2015 Thierry Collet closed the Fête de la Cité at 7pm with his show “Vrai-Faux” and gathered more than 150 people in the Grand Salon of the Fondation des Etats Unis. He returns on FRIDAY 26 JUNE at 7pm.

“Why always this same question: but, how is it?…: how is it that we are all looking in the same direction? How come we always dream the same things? How come we can see something that doesn’t exist? The more I practice it, the more I think magic tells the story of taking power. The magician exercises an influence over his spectators and submits their judgment according to his own rules.”

From optical illusions, interactive psychological experiences and magical effects, this small form questions what conditions our tastes and our choices. Can we live in a society, belong to a group, and not all think and choose the same things? At the end of the performance, a discussion with the audience led by Thierry Collet opens the debate on more psychological and political issues.

Thierry Collet Photo credits: Nathaniel Baruch

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