Nausicaa Christodoulou

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Nausicaa Christodoulou always wanted to be a doctor. Sensitive, curious and fascinated by the human mind’s complexity, she chose to specialize herself in psychiatry in 2019. Very soon in her studies, she decided to turn herself towards a research career to actively participate to the psychiatry progress and its positive fallouts for patients and their relatives.

Passionate by nature and outdoor activities, she presents a particular interest to chronobiology in psychiatry and to how the environment and human behaviors impact our mental health and our sleep. In 2019, she led a study on sleep quality and medicine studies and in 2021 she realized her thesis on modifications of lifestyle during the covid period and its impacts on sleep. These two studies led to prevention campaigns to improve students and general population’s mental health.

During her free time, Nausicaa loves hiking and biking but also taking part to the countless cultural activities of Paris. She pulls from her different origins: Greek, French and Russian, a taste for novelty, different cultures and meetings with people from different backgrounds.

During the 2022-2023 academic year, thanks to the Harriet Hale Woolley scholarship from the Fondation des États-Unis, she will study neurosciences while participating in a study on the links between heatwaves and emergency units’ admissions for psychiatric motives. She hopes that the results of this study will raise the awareness of the importance of the ecology and allow the development of new public actions in mental health prevention.

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