Jean-Michel Goury and Friends | Saxophone Concerts

The saxophone ensemble of the CRR/Pôle supérieur de Boulogne-Billancourt presents: Program for March 17 : Francois Rossé evening, on the occasion of his 70th birthday.

7 pm :

– SONATE IN ARCS for soprano sax and viola alone (Don-Paul KAHL) -NISHI ASAKUSA for alto sax and prepared piano (Noa MICK and Nicky PURSER) -LOMBRIC for 2 alto saxs and piano (Don-Paul KAHL, Jacob KOPCIENSKI and Emiri -LOAN for tenor sax, piano, and cello (Noa MICK, Maianna LAVIELLE,Nicky PURSER) -SILENCE FOR A DISTURBED YELL for baritone sax and piano (Jacob KOPCIENSKI and Emiri)

8:30pm :

– MOD’SON 7 for saxophone quartet (Don-Paul KAHL, Noa MICK, Jacob KOPCIENSKI, Quentin DARRICAU) -AMLA’P for ensemble of 12 saxophones, electronic sounds and improvising piano (soloist: François ROSSE) Nicky Purser: piano.


Program for March 24 : concert tribute to the composer Betsy Jolas.

-CANZONE 14 (double choir) by Claudio GABRIELI (arr:JM Londeix) -LUMOR for alto sax and piano (concerto reduction by B JOLAS) by Don-Paul KAHL and Nicky PURSER -ALLO for alto sax duo by Albin CASTEGNARO and Théophile NGNIAH -MORE TIME 2 for cello (Maiana LAVIELLE-) tenor voice (Taelang) tenor sax (Antonin CHABRAT) -PSAUME 20 by Hienrich SCHÜTZ (arr B Jolas for 12 saxophones) -OH LA ! for viola sax duo by Clément DUSSUTOUR and Jacob KOPCIENSKI -EPISODE 4th for tenor sax solo by Maxime CHAUVIN -MUSIC FOR THE ANGEL for violin (Sophie GUILLE DES BUTTES) clarinet (Victor BOURHIS) alto sax (Coline JAMET) -CLAUDE for 12 saxophones set -WALKING GROUND for alto sax duo by Maxime CHAUVIN and Xia YOU -A GREEN SKY FOR TOMORROW by Philippe LEROUX for soprano voice (Marion Labègue) and soprano sax (Jialin LI) -SCAT for alto sax duo by Noa MICK and Quentin DARRICAU -SCARAMOUCHE by D MILHAUD (for 10 sax and alto sax soloist: Sylvia TOUMALAN)

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