Choreographic performance “Instant T”

As part of her residency at the Fondation des Etats-Unis, Love Labo’s Nathalie Broizat presents her new choreographic performance INSTANT T, which questions the phenomenon of overinformation and its impact on our daily lives in a form that blends humour and derision with the depth of the subject. We all know the feeling of saturation, the feeling of being overwhelmed, the feeling of immersion in chaos. We also know the need to flee, to the countryside, to the sun or elsewhere. Here, we can’t escape. We will be there, together, in the theatre hall, the audience all around, in ellipse, with objects, instruments and costumes and also mass news.
Free admission, reservation required.

Friday 23 June


Saturday 24 June


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Biographies of the artists

NATHALIE BROIZAT After studying dance in sport-studies from the age of 12, Nathalie Broizat began a career as a dancer in Lyon along with her university studies. In 1998, after a Deug in Sociology, she obtained a degree in Performing Arts at Paris VIII. In 2000 she received the Fulbright scholarship to study at the Laban/Bartenieff Institute of New York, where she specialized in Laban’s “Effort” concept. She spent 3 years in New York where she developed her work and made herself known in the New York environment of “Performance art”. She also works regularly for the company Accidental Movement directed by the choreographer Mariangela Lopez. She plays in places such as Judson Church, Danspaceproject at St Marc’s Church, Dixon Place and Wax… Then she moved to Los Angeles to work with Rachel Rosenthal and became a member of her experimental theater company, the Rachel Rosenthal Company, for over 6 years. She also works for other directors and choreographers such as Yozmit, Peter Wing Healey and Simon Moore, and continues her own solo work. She performs in venues such as the Getty Center, the Moca (Museum of Contemporary Art), Redcat and Highways Performance Space in Los Angeles. Often she works with Linda Sibio for Cracked Eggs, a company that mixes professional actors and actors with profound mental disorders. She is regularly invited to the University of Mississippi for performances and workshops, and was invited for a solo performance at the Chicago Single File Festival. Nathalie Broizat is back in France for 6 years where she pursues her artistic activites and reconnects with the contemporary performing arts scene in France. She has created her own company Love Labo, in residence at the Fondation des Etats-Unis (Cité international université de Paris). She is currently working on the ‘HH’ project with Anne Rebeschini, presented at the Grenier Théâtre in Toulouse. It is part of Marco Berrettini/Melk Prod’s création 2015, iFeel3 and part of his upcoming Body World Trip project.

ANNE REBESCHINI Toulousaine, she lives between Toulouse and Paris. She has been a soloist in the company Pina Bausch (Café Müller, The Rite of Spring, Palermo Palermo, Arien, Der Fersternputzer etc.) as well as a dancer at the Opéra National de Paris where she performs all classical and contemporary repertoire. After obtaining a Master’s degree in Literature at the Sorbonne, she turned to theatrical play in 2005 at Jean Périmony and Jacques Lecoq International School. Since 2008, she has been working under the direction of J.Louis Martinelli (The Fiches of Loches, A Doll’s House, Ithaca), M.Bozonnet (Stabat Mater Furiosa), F.Mas (ELLE-S), A.Marty ( Death in Venice), J.-P.Wenzel (Shadows worn) among others.

AGATHE HERRY After studying visual arts and psychology, Agathe trained in 2009 as an actress at the Conservatory of the 15th arrondissement of Paris, and the CEPIT of EDT91. Her teachers include Valérie Blanchon, Jean-Edouard Bodziac, Claude Buchvald, Gilles David, Pierre Debauche and Christian Jehanin. In 2015, she joined the Nanterre Master’s Degree in Directing and Dramaturgy, where she worked with Mathieu Bauer, Jean-Louis Besson, Agnès Bourgeois, Michel Cerda and Judith Depaule, David Lescot. She assisted John Adams for One Hour Hamlet, then Karim Bel Kacem for Measure for Measure, and works as a playwright with Cyril Teste and the MxM Collective for Corp (us). At the creation of light, she assists David Debrinay in the Lucrèce Borgia of Jean-Louis Benoit. As an actress, she plays in the creations of Youssouf Abi-Ayad, Bernard Bloch, Nathalie Broizat, Marion Camy-Palou and Laureline Collaviza. In 2017, she directed her first staging project: In Situ.

CLAIRE BESUELLE Claire Besuelle trained in a close dialogue between theoretical and practical reflection. Former student of the department of theater studies of the Ecole Normale Supérieure of Lyon (class of 2009), she spent a year at the dance department of the University of Quebec in Montreal before joining the School of the Game, directed by Delphine Eliet (Paris), of which she graduated in 2014. She collaborates as an interpreter, director of actors and director in many projects during these years of training (Collective La Retrogarde, Company Tambour des Limbes, Le Grand Monde Company, ATRA Company). In 2015, she obtained a doctoral grant to conduct a thesis in dance and theater studies: her research focuses on the modalities of the interpreter’s presence in contemporary creation, focusing on developing tools for reading the gesture and the body on stage, and to question the creative processes of actors and dancers. A project that enriches his activity of interpreter as much as leaning against it.

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