Gwen Rakotovao Contemporary Dance

 « New York, Paris, Antananarivo ».

Born in France and working in New York at the head of the now famous Gwen Rakotovao Company, Gwen Rakotovao revisits contemporary dance in a new transnational approach. It is not often the case that the names of these three metropolises are so boldly joined together, as if the evidence of their marriage in Gwen’s path compensated for their remoteness.

On the occasion of the Fête de la Cité, Gwen Rakotovao honours us with her latest creation, Initiation, a personal choreography resulting from multiple influences that some will recognize. Others may discover the world of contemporary dance: it is also for them that the artist proposes, at the end of the performance of about fifty minutes, a session of questions-answers to the artist, an informal meeting that she herself designates as “a way to exchange feelings, put words on dance, make my work evolve”.

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Photo Credits : Mari Quintana

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