Lino : a natural and noble material

Lino—or Linoleum by its full name—is a high-quality material, composed of a mix of substances that are 100% natural. It is often confused with PVC (plastic) flooring yet its qualities and properties are different.

On linoleum’s underside, a burlap canvas is visible, whereas the underside of flexible PVC flooring is made of synthetic materials.

Lino is eco-friendly: unlike PVC or vinyl flooring, lino is made from 100% natural materials. It takes is name from linseed oil which is combined with cork, pine resin, wood powder, and pigments. All of these materials are mixed together and, once cured, are applied to a burlap canvas to create linoleum. It is entirely biodegradable.

Lino is a clean surface: as it is natural, lino has antibacterial qualities, meaning that it has the capacity to kill bacteria. It is also hypoallergenic and antistatic, thus preventing the accumulation of static charge. What’s more, lino is durable and insulates well—from an acoustic point of view but also in terms of heating—which makes it an extremely comfortable surface.

Lino is unique: the processes used to dye lino make it so that each form, each pattern is unique… and that certain sheets of linoleum look like landscapes. The linoleum that was chosen for this renovation are in keeping with the Residence’s Art Deco aesthetic, both in its range of colors and in the shape of its patterns.

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