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Environmental Gaze | Giselle Hobbs

In March, artist-in-residence Giselle Hobbs presents Environmental Gaze. An exhibition featuring photographs, video projections, and audio of sounds recorded in different natural habitats. The artist will explore the correlation between nature and art. Giselle received a Fulbright grant for the 2023-24 academic year.

The proposed exhibition centers on human interaction with the natural environment through the lens of artworks created using materials gathered from a set of specific ecosystems. Ranging from images of plant-derived natural dyes preserved through macro-photographs, to an ambient soundscape that captures the auditory experience of each environment, and artworks that integrate organic materials while referencing the places where they were gathered, the exhibition will take an intimate look at how the artists incorporate their personal connection to these ecosystems in their respective practices.

~Giselle Hobbs

Practical Information

Dates March 6-22 | Opening Monday-Friday 10:30am-12:30 / 2:30pm-5:30pm  | Getting to FEU

Grand Opening

Date Wednesday, March 6 | Time 7-8:30pm | Facebook Event

Free Registration

Art-Hop-Polis : The detailed program is available on CitéScope.

Guided Tours

More dates to visit in the presence of the artist coming soon.

If you wish to come at another time, please contact us at contact@fondationdesetatsunis.org

About the Artist

Giselle Hobbs is an artist based in New York who is currently the US-France Fulbright Scholar in Painting at the École des Beaux-Arts de Paris. She creates large-scale illusionistic paintings that probe the relationship between humans and the natural environment while taking into consideration a range of cosmologies from various time periods and geographical locations. Her practice is in a constant dialogue with other media such as photography, eco and bio art, as well as projections and installations that sometimes include moving images and audio. She is a graduate of Cornell University where she earned her MFA at the College of Architecture, Art and Planning. In 2022, she was awarded the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts Fellowship for Painting. Her artwork was jury selected by the Council for the Arts award and her proposal was so well-received that it was selected for the Biennial. Giselle Hobbs has received art awards yearly including the Kable Russell Award and the Ulysse Award for Outstanding Achievement in Fine Arts. She has exhibited both nationally and internationally, and her art is in private collections in the US and abroad, including at the University of Cambridge. Her work is currently featured in an exhibition at Workhouse Arts Center on view from June-October, 2023. Follow Giselle on LinkedInInstagram, and Twitter.

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