DbD Performance

A performance of free improvisation, with Charlotte Berthermet, Nathanaël Bez, Alexandre Bibia, Olivier Boréel, Charlotte Dechriste, Fabien Dymny, Lola Gonthier, Agathe Herry, Méli Leray, Mariana Montoya Yepes, Cassandre Moun, Marion Papirolles, Marie Simon, Arnaud Ménard, Anne Peufeuilhoux, Matthieu Welterlin. We collected materials, props and costumes. We discovered objects in the streets; people throw out great treasures. We collected improbable items, costumes, clothes, beautiful fabrics, anchored in their time. A collage in four dimensions unfolds. Sometimes it is precise, analytical, funny. Sometimes it becomes impressionistic and dreamlike. It can be deeply moving, even informative, but difficult to analyze, just like our dreams. The performers feel that they go “elsewhere within themselves”, free, transposing the torments of our contemporary world in this space-time, in search of authenticity, with the humor necessary to create desire. The process is as mysterious and captivating for the audience as it is for the performers. Everything comes together: doubt, fear, disappointment, anxiety, and the joy of living. DbD (Doing by Doing) is a technique and a concept-workshop created by Rachel Rosenthal and directed by Nathalie Broizat. The DbD was born from “Instant Theater”, a series of improvised performances developed by Rachel Rosenthal in the 1950s in Los Angeles. This show is the result of an intensive workshop for professional performers, dancers and actors directed by Nathalie Broizat.

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Performance artist Nathalie Broizat directs the Compagnie Love Labo, in residency at the Fondation des Etats-Unis. She also works as a dancer-performer for Marco Berrettini. Having trained as a dancer and graduated in performing arts from Paris VIII University, she received a Fulbright Scholarship to study at the Laban/Bartenieff Institute in New York in 2000. She spent three years in New York, where she became recognized in the performance art scene and presented several solos in places such as the Judson Church, Danspaceproject at St Marc Church, Dixon Place and the Wax… She then moved to Los Angeles to work with Rachel Rosenthal, American pioneer in performance art and was a member of the company for more than 6 years. With the Rachel Rosenthal Company, she performed in venues such as the Getty Center, the Museum of Contemporary Art (Moca), Redcat and Highways Performance Space in Los Angeles. She was a regular guest artist at the University of Mississippi, where she gave performances, lectures, and workshops, and was also invited for a solo performance at the Single File Festival in Chicago. Nathalie Broizat has been back in France for more than 7 years. She directs the DbD Workshops (Doing by Doing), a performance workshop and technique created by Rachel Rosenthal, which she develops at the Fondation des Etats-Unis, and more recently also at the National Dance Center and in the educational field. She is currently performing in “My Soul is my Visa” by choreographer Marco Berrettini.

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