Dawn’s Early Light | American Music & Dance

Dawn’s Early Light: A Retrospective of American Song and Dance gives us an authentic look into the heart and soul of American culture, weaving together music from various genres that have had a major impact on the entire world. Moving effortlessly from the Blues, 20’s/ Cotton Club Era Jazz, Broadway, Motown, Gospel, Rock n Roll, and Contemporary Music, Dawn’s Early Light takes us on a journey that is sure to uplift. Not only entertaining, this performance gives insight into American history, providing a backdrop for the socio-political situation in the United States throughout the years. Dawn’s Early Light features highly acclaimed American artists based in Paris that have been active on the European arts scene for many years. Their individual artistic backgrounds span the genres of contemporary dance, musical theater, and concert jazz.

The Performers

Asha Thomas (artistic director, choreographer and dancer)
Crystal Peti (artistic director and singer)
Josiah Woodson (musical director, trumpet and guitar)
Nicola Ayoub (dancer)
Jua Amir (singer)
Jerry Thompson III (bass)
Daniel Gassin (pianist)
Georgey Souchette (dancer)

For more information about Dawn’s Early Light, take a look at their website, Facebook and Twitter.

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