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All music is a journey, all music exists in the sense that it seeks to go beyond itself, to trace, in its determination, in its sources, to pass and remain simultaneously, to evolve while being attached to its time in its indivisible truth.

Ari Sussman (1993-) Phantasms (2015)

Maurice Ravel (1875-1937) Sonata for violin and piano N. 2 (1927)

Erik Satie (1866-1925) Things seen left and right (1914)

Ernest Chausson (1855-1899), Piano Quartet in A Op.30 (1897)

The concert begins with the work Phantasmes, a musical journey composed by the young American composer Ari Sussman. Distilled passion for popular styles with Ravel with this wonderful sonata composed between Paris and New York. A tribute to the passing of time and to old masters whose aura continues to grow in a post-modern era with Satie. Finally the inspiration and the work of Chausson are crossed by the discovery of the Gregorian plainchant who can be discerned in the independence of the lines and the harmony which exists between them. The composer offers us a range of emotions in a wonderful quartet, a knot of beauty in this narrative, meditative and intense masterpiece. Narrative in the story the work tells, meditative in the music and intense in the way it uses musical messages and tools to describe emotions common to all, and this, to reach us, cross us…

From Boston… to Paris

Léo Marillier violonist, Sarah Soyoung Yang pianist, Charlotte Malin violist et Joseph Gotoff cellist have been meeting regularly since 2013 with Groupmuse concerts, an American initiative that encourages the construction of an active musical community while aiming to share classical music with the greatest number of people, an approach in which the four of them take part in Boston. Their complicity asserts itself during shared concerts in festivals in Boston, New York, Woodstock, Winchester… Under the drive of Léo Marillier, they decided to form a group with variable geometry, appearing sometimes in duo, trio or quartet in particular by means of the Program “Crescendo”, an educational program of Boston Philharmonic Orchestra. The four friends are animated by the same vision of intimacy and sharing in chamber music, in search of that light and wonderful spark between four sounds, four souls which represents the ideal in chamber music. Together with Paul Biss and members of the Borromeo Quartet, they prepared this program at the New England Conservatory. Ari Sussman is also studying at the New England Conservatory. Ari Sussman is a young composer based in Boston and Philadelphia, noted for his “sophisticated writing, attractive and rhythmic melodies”, award-winning composer, pianist, conductor and arranger.

Learn More About the Musicians

Léo Marillier, French violinist, supported by the Franco-American Florence Gould Foundation, Mécénat Musical Société Générale, the Williamson Foundation, the Fonds Instrumental Français and the Atelier d’archeterie Raffin, has won several international competitions, including the Tchaikovsky Competition for Young Musicians, the Bellan Competition Honorary Prize, the 1st Balys Dvarionas Competition, the Marschner Competition… “Creative, thinking musician, Marillier is surely destined to become major artist of our time” Hong Kong Press

Charlotte Malin, American violist, 1st Prize at the Chicago Women Musicians Competition and at the Evanston Music Club Competition, has just won a residency for “The far cry”.

American cellist Joseph Gotoff, a graduate of Princeton University, is researching Beethoven’s manuscripts as part of his doctoral thesis in coordination with the Berlin State Library and the Moravian Museum. His incredible emotional intensity” was hailed by the press.

Sarah Soyoung Yang, Korean-American pianist, holds a position as pianist at the New England Conservatory while preparing her doctorate dedicated to the Sonata. She is also a pianist at Tanglewood, Seiji Ozawa Hall and Koussevitsky Shed.

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