10 Minute Play Festival

On Friday December 8th, the Fondation des Etats-Unis will host a student theater initiate featuring original 10 minute plays.  Over the past few weeks students and budding theater practitioners have collaborated on never before produced original plays.


Dressing room, written by Sophia Dunn-Walker, directed by Emily Guernsey, starring Sophia Dunn-Walker and Sergio Hernandez
Two dynamic strangers meet in the afterlife and discuss the loves and disappointments of their last lives. They’re running out of time to choose who they want to be next.

The French Are Glad to Die For Love, written by Cecilia Llompart, directed by Charlotte Pleasants, starring Ysamalis Perez and Kristin Kleinman
Baguettes, fencing, and all your other favorite stereotypes! What more could you ask of a spoof about what it means to fight, even if it’s “to ze death”, for love? En garde!

An Infinite Resignednesswritten by Madison Salters, directed by Sultania Dukovic, starring Marie Colombe Lobrichon and Jeremy Yeaton
Do our dreams have an expiration date, or can we store them on a shelf somewhere behind the dinnerware of responsibility and return later? A poet who wants to jump off the precipice of his new life thinks Verlaine had something to say about all this. Clara thinks Verlaine is dead and should buzz off.

Mind, Game, Ritual, written by Elisa Almeida Castro and Ricardo Righi Filho, directed by Sean Hardy, starring Yasmina Gomez and Chris Sargent
Is your mind ready for this ritual?

Rebecca, written and directed by James Haillot with Chloe Pinson and Paula Arizona 
After abandoning her career as an actress for her jealous husband, Rebecca now knows she wants out. However, will she leave her husband when she knows he is dying?”

A 21st Century Romance, written by Brianna Williams, directed by Whitney Marin with Kiana Barry and Stacie Louis Jacques
Whatever happened to meeting someone in a café? Well, Tinder happened. Two millennials try to navigate online dating in the digital age.

Consultation/Advice, written and directed by Sam Ely with Ysamalis and Jeremy Yeaton
A lawyer races against the clock to get a signature from a client whose skeptical of small print.

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