“Interim”by Sarah Grace Graves

During the lockdown, Sarah Grace Graves started exploring some of the atypical spaces and sounds at FEU, which she has been using to create video projects. You may remember From the Rooftops, this time, she is taking you to the basement.

Interim interweaves sounds and images from the boiler room beneath the Fondation des États-Unis, a space cloaked in 100-year-old dust, pulsing with water. Underground, the home of dreams and forgotten memories, a transitional place of purification and transformation.

Water has long symbolized eternal change. The Greek philosopher Heraclitus said, “On those who step into the same rivers, ever different waters flow.” In the boiler room you hear a constant rush of water from all parts of the house, all physically connected in a tangle of the pipes leading down underground.

Sleep, often associated with stasis, is at once a vehicle for profound change. Interim explores transformation in the place where activity and passivity collide, like being lost and only being able to find your way home once you stop looking.

The title “Interim” comes from the poem “Window,” written for this project by my friend Rūta Kuzmickas. The window has been a prominent symbol for me throughout the pandemic as the liminal space between interior and exterior, sleeping and waking, self and other. This piece joins the body of work I’ve created this past year in exploring this recursive, in-between space. Full text of the poem can be found here.
~ Sarah Grace Graves


About the Artist

Sarah Grace Graves is a singer and composer of experimental music living at the Fondation des Etats-Unis in Paris, France. Her work seeks to actively connect the physical and emotional landscape of the performer with the inner life of the listener through everyday uses of the voice and a return to a subjective, breath-based conception of time. Her first album, Currents, was released in June 2020. She studies voice with Nicholas Isherwood. She will be granted the Harriet Hale Woolley scholarship in 2021-2022. Follow her on Instagram and Vimeo.


Practical Information

Presentation of the film via Zoom (no more than 30 mins) upon reservation.
Date : April 27 | Times : 1:30pm & 6:15pm | Facebook Event

Tuesday April 27 at 1:30pm

Tuesday April 27 at 6:15pm


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