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The Fondation des États-Unis is closed to the public, but you can explore the artists’ studios in all dimensions from home on Wednesday, May 6th! Thomas Collin, Maximilien Gremaud, Pierre Jarlan and the artist community at the FEU have prepared a tour for you of the 5th floor thanks to 3D reconstruction.

This year the Fondation des Etats-Unis is celebrating its 90th anniversary. Built in 1930 in the Cité internationale universitaire in Paris, the Fondation is a part of the movement to unite countries by establishing personal bonds between students. Since its construction, the 5th floor of the building has been dedicated to artists, both the performing arts and the visual arts. The inter-individual global phenomena represented by the Fondation are all the more felt today, with the transmission of the COVID-19 virus requiring us to separate from loved ones and globalization separating us from our intimate living spaces. These are the kinds of spaces we would like to share, everyday living spaces, working spaces, and international exchanges. This year, although we were unable to open the studios and workshops as a part of Art-Hop-Polis, we would like to welcome you for an immersive virtual tour. This project brings together Thomas Collin, Maximilien Gremaud, and Pierre Jarlan, residents of the 5th FLOOR. Through the objects that inhabit them, the sounds that fill them and the stories that link them, they propose their own point of view of these living spaces.

~ Thomas Collin, Maximilien Gremaud and Pierre Jarlan

Virtual Tour

Find the virtual tour here. The virtual tour was put online Wednesday, May 6th at 7pm as a part of virtual Art-Hop-Polis, the online art-hopping in quarantine from the Cité internationale. Follow the Facebook page for more information. Join the Facebook event to get reminders!

About the Artists

Maximilien Gremaud After studying at the Beaux-Arts de Versailles, I obtained a degree in art history at the École du Louvre and then joined the École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales. My university studies supported me in my practices of painting and sculpture. Whether in my paintings, installations or puppet films, I strive to bring together the sensitive and the intelligible, to show how the performance space is woven with reasoning and thoughts full of images.

Thomas Collin As a young 31-year-old photographer, I became passionate about this art form at a time when photography was still a physical format and development was a total mystery. After trying sports photography, I turned to studio photography, which is very technical and demanding in terms of quality of light and graphics. I worked with Pierre for a while in the same studio and we were used to exchanging our knowledge and ideas. Being very attentive to technique and aesthetics, I was able to bring my expertise in this field to the project.

Pierre Jarlan As a child, passionate about programming, I imagined myself as an engineer, then as a photo-journalist. I finally pursued medical and scientific studies without ever completely distancing myself from photography, by continuing to take photos and through my research. I like to create image production devices to explore our daily life, mixing the objectivity of the scientific gaze with the human and artistic encounter.

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