Winter is Coming | New Windows for the Grand Salon | Crowdfunding

If you have come to a cultural event at the Fondation des États-Unis in the winter, you have heard the sweet purr of our heaters trying to make up for wobbly windows. From Thanksgiving to the end of the winter, the FEU is collecting money to renovate the Grand Salon’s beautiful 1930 windows and switch to a quiet, energy-conserving heating system. The need for renovations is urgent, certain windows are falling apart and we must protect this beautiful space. The American Dormitory, as it was originally called, owes its existence to the will and generosity of Mabel and Homer Gage, two American Francophiles who invested part of their fortune and relentlessly fundraised to ensure that the Cité internationale universitaire de Paris would have a house representing the United States. Now in its mid-eighties, the FEU is in need of a makeover. By participating in our crowdfunding, you are helping protect the Art Deco Great Hall of the FEU.

Highlights of the Cultural Program

The ball room and its vast wooden floor welcome all kinds of events, including theater and dance workshops, shows, films and exhibitions. The Grand Salon’s acoustics particularly lend themselves to concerts, and music plays a predominant role with almost every genre being represented: classical, jazz, gospel, rock’n’roll, and bluegrass to name a few. The Fondation des Etats-Unis is the property of the Sorbonne, and, therefore, one of its missions is to invite scholars and host conferences on American culture and civilization, with themes ranging from Emily Dickinson to TV series.

Harriet Hale Woolley Scholars and the Grand Salon

A friend of the Gages, Harriet Hale Woolley, bequeathed part of her fortune to the FEU to create a grant for artists, musicians and psychiatry residents. The Rendez-vous Musical (or Studio Class), which takes place every second Sunday has become something of an institution, as have the art show openings that take place on the first Wednesday of the month in the gallery overlooking the Grand Salon. The Medical Cultures conference series has been launched in collaboration with the psychiatry students.

Why we need your help

The Fondation des Etats-Unis is a non-profit organization. The future of the FEU still very much depends on the Franco-American friendship that was born with the American nation and remains vibrant to this day. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year, we thank you for your support and would like to offer you some rewards in exchange for your generosity.
N.B. If you are based in the USA and would like to contribute more than 500 $, please contact us by writing to To support the Fondation des États-Unis and to know more about our campaign, please visit our page helloasso.

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